Severus Snape is a double agent trusted by both Voldemort and Dumbledore. He appears in all three of the Harry Potter musicals.

In Harry's first year that was shown in A Very Potter Sequel, Snape was constantly arguing with Remus Lupin. Remus had a history of bullying Snape with his friends Sirius Black and James Potter when they were children (so many assholes in the world, am I right?). He is constantly being called a "butt trumpet" by Remus.

In Harry's second year he sacrificed himself to save Harry. He ultimately died when he took a poisonous coral snake to the wiener. He is played by Joe Moses.

He then comes back in A Very Potter Senior Year, as a ghost, during Harry's final year at Hogwarts to convince Harry to go back to Hogwarts to save the Wizarding World.

Joe Moses, as Snape, hosted an interview show called The Potion Master's Corner in 2010 in which he interviewed various AVPM and Me and My Dick cast members. The show concluded with its Season One finale, though sometimes Snape will come out of the woodwork to harass StarKids (do short Potion Master's Corner bits) during livestreams.

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