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Starship is the fourth original online musical from StarKid Productions. Based on a concept created by Joseph Walker and Darren Criss and written by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, Brian Holden and Joseph Walker, Starship is a sci-fi musical comedy about an alien named Bug who wants to be a Starship Ranger. When Rangers land on his planet (inhabited mainly by a race of giant bugs), Bug sets out on an epic and perilous journey to save the universe and finds love along the way. The cast says that Starship is a mixture of "Avenue Q and the Little Mermaid", with Joey Richter saying he is "the little mermaid."

The show was directed by Matt Lang with music and lyrics by Darren Criss, set design by Corey Lubowich, two-dimensional puppets designed by Nick Lang and three-dimensional puppets designed by Russ Walko, Artie Esposito, Carrie Kiker and Brett O'Quinn.

The musical was performed February 11th-23rd, 2011 at the Hoover-Leppen Theatre in Chicago. Starship was then released on YouTube on April 30th, 2011 with simultaneous screenings at movie theaters in California, New York and Illinois.

The soundtrack was released on iTunes and the same day the show was released on YouTube. The musical's cast recording debuted at No. 134 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 for Top Cast Albums.


Act 1[]

The show opens with an advertisement video, inviting people to join the Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration and become a starship ranger to explore space. The video suddenly begins to cut out and glitch, cutting between exerpts of the advertisement and a mission log of an old starship crashing and its crew being killed.

As the video fades away, Bug, a bug who has found this crashed starship, takes the stage. He is inspired by the video and parrots many of its messages as he expresses his desire to be one of them. Roach, Bug's best friend, then joins Bug. He shows his annoyance at Bug's obsession with being a ranger. Instead, Roach desires to be a part of the Hive and find his purpose there, as all of the other bugs do. He quotes the saying that many of the bugs speak about: "the needs of the many bugs outweigh the few". He also reveals that today is the day they are given their jobs by the Overqueen (I Wanna Be).

They go and join the other bugs, who express the same desire to be an important part of the Hive, and they talk to Bugette, who wishes Bug luck in finding his new job. She clearly has a crush on him and tries to invite him over so she can tear off his head and let her larvae devour his body. Bug turns her down and she leaves, upset. Bug and Roach then run into the Mosquito Brothers, Neato, Veeto, and Sweetheart (although this is somewhat a misnomer, as Sweetheart is actually female). The mosquitoes pick on Bug and Roach, who run away.

The bugs all go to the slime pit to be assigned to jobs. They further express their differing desires about the jobs they want. Each bug is called forward in turn to give their opinion on what job they would like and the Overqueen assigns them jobs. During his turn, Roach compliments the Overqueen and is given "queen impregnator" as a reward, which he is very happy about. When Bug is called forward, he stalls, unsure of his place and purpose in the Hive and eventually says he wants to be a starship ranger, which causes uproar among the bugs. He is instead given the job "egg planter" and leaves, dejected. The bugs left onstage turn to see a starship pod in the sky, approaching their planet.

February steps off the pod. She removes her helmet and begins a mission log, revealing that she is scouting the planet as a potential location for human colonisation. It becomes clear that she is not very clever, particularly given that she removes her helmet before checking to see if the air is breathable, and mispronounces "oxygen" and "science" (although she is not the only ranger to do this). She searches for life on the planet and finds some mammals, which she calls cute and "ultra-friendly". She also reveals that it is her first mission and she struggled to get through the academy. She then witnesses the Mosquito Brothers attack another animal and runs away, scared. However, she is found by a couple of "mammal wranglers" who attack and capture her. Fortunately, she is able to send out a distress signal.

February's signal is recieved by the other starship rangers. Taz, the ship's lieutenant, enters and the other rangers are introduced in turn: Krayonder, Specs, and Tootsie Noodles, who is particularly inept. He asks Taz what his "zapper" is and talks a lot about Farm Planet, where he comes from. He also reveals the strange origin of his name: on Farm Planet, "your first name is what you do, and your second name is what you like". The rangers assemble and discuss Commander Up, a famous war hero who they are serving under. Tootsie and Specs praise him, but Krayonder spreads rumours about Up going soft after his injury in the Robot War. Taz, who fought alongside Up in the war, defends him. She stabs Krayonder and delivers a string of compliments of Up and threats against Krayonder, to whom she then says "take a walk off my knife". She then shouts at him to "walk it off".

Up enters and initially scares the other rangers as he forecfully denies the rumours about him going soft. However, this backfires when he reveals that he's actually talking about the rumour that he urinates sitting down. He shouts at them about it, leaving them taken aback, and breaks down into tears. Taz pulls him aside and orders him to give them a scary pep talk instead. He takes out a mirror and tells himself that he's worthwhile and "not a failure, overall" but then breaks down and cries again when he punches the mirror. The other rangers are not impressed, especially Taz

Junior appears and introduces himself as the son of the director of the Galactic League. He tells the rangers that he handpicked them all, and introduces them to the final member of their team - a robot called Mega-Girl. The rangers are surprised and scared because the humans have been at war with the robots for years. Taz is particularly riled by the revelation, but Junior reveals that Mega-Girl can't kill them because of an inhibitor chip that stops her from attacking humans, though she does express a desire to. Taz refuses to work with Mega-Girl. Junior tells her that he already told his dad that they had already gone, and since he is her boss, Taz and Mega-Girl have to work together. Annoyed, Taz and Mega-Girl share a string of insults.

Up tries to run away and Taz pulls him back. She shouts at him and reminds him of all the amazing tough things he's done for her, like rescuing her from the robots, chasing away bullies and teaching her calculus. When Up says that it was all before his injury, Taz reminds him that he also taught her that "no matter how hard you get knocked down, you've always got to get back up". She and the other rangers help to reinstate Up's confidence in himself by reminding him how great he is and how important their work is (Get Back Up).

Back on the planet, Bug is given a tutorial on being an egg planter. He is taught how to implate bug eggs in mammals. They also witness the birth of a bug and the newborn bug is taught to "devour the closest mammal for nourishment". Once he is alone, Bug discloses that he still feels completely out of place and wants to escape (Life). He then finds February, who is captive in a bug hatchery, blindfolded and ready to be implanted with eggs. They begin talking and she assumes he is a starship ranger, particularly when he parrots the recruitment video once more. Feeling sorry for her and seeing it as an esape route for himself, Bug rescues February but they run into Bugette on the way out. She tries to stop him from ruining his place in the Hive but he escapes with February.

The other starship rangers enter the tunnels to rescue February. While trying to remain quiet, Taz and Mega-Girl clash again and share another string of insults. Tootsie reveals to Krayonder that he likes Mega-Girl. Krayonder tries to put him off, reminding him that Mega-Girl is a robot but is unable to change Tootsie's mind. Tootsie noisily tries to flirt with Mega-Girl. Mega-Girl insults him in return but he misinterprets it.

The rangers find a mammal that has had eggs implanted in it. They scream when the bugs hatch, attracting the attention of other bugs, who descend on them. Mega-Girl attacks, beginning a fight between the rangers and the bugs (Hideous Creatures). Bug and February hear zapper fire from the fight and February realises the rangers have arrived to save them. Bug panics and tries to tell her that he is actually a bug but is chased off by Mega-Girl. Mega-Girl knocks February out to get her back and clashes with Taz again. Taz takes February back to the other rangers as they finish fighting off the bugs and return to the starship but Tootsie doesn't want to leave Mega-Girl behind. He talks Up into trying to save her but she takes February on board and leaves the other rangers stranded on the planet instead.

Bug is taken to the Overqueen and it is revealed that Bugette reported that Bug had been talking to February. The bugs in the Hive are outraged and deem Bug a threat. They want to squash him, but Roach defends him, using his connection to the Overqueen and flattery of Bug to save him from this fate. However, Bug is told that he can never make contact with the humans again, or leave the walls of the Hive. Bugette apologises to Bug for turning him in and tries to invite him over again so she can tear off his head and let her larvae devour his body, but Bug tells her he doesn't want that. Bugette leaves, crying. Roach struggles to understand why Bug helped February. When the Mosquite Brothers show up, Bug is enthralled by their offer of a way out, and Roach is unable to talk him out of taking their offer to leave the Hive and meet Pincer.

The Mosquite Brothers take Bug to Pincer. Pincer reveals that he knows about the humans and the first crashed starship, where Bug first found out about the rangers. Pincer is impressed by Bug's knowledge of the human language. He also asks about February, who Bug talks animatedly about, but is still worried about because he isn't a starship ranger and she thinks he is. Pincer brings out a brain leech, which can psychically link two beings, and the body of one of the rangers from the first starship, brain-dead but alive in a cryo-tube. Pincer offers to use the brain leech to transfer Bug's consciousness to the ranger's body so he can truly become a starship ranger, on the condition that he brings back the humans to meet Pincer. Bug is unsure but Pincer and the mosquitoes remind Bug of his dream and that this might be the only way he can make it come true. Bug decides to take the opportunity, but after he leaves to begin the mind-meld, Pincer reveals his true motive: he wants Bug to bring the humans back to him so he can eat their brains (Kick It Up a Notch).

The rangers enter, still on the run from the bugs after being stranded. Up tries to talk the irritable rangers down when they start fighting but Taz, frustrated with Up's lack of conviction as a leader, tells him she feels like filling his belly with jelly and punches him. She shouts at him, saying that they're all dead because he got soft. She also calls him a sad, spayed, little puppy when he won't hit her back. She says that Up "did die in that robot war" and rips off his fake mustache, sticking it to her own face and taking charge of the mission herself. She leads the rangers on but they get stuck to a spider web. The spider is about to eat them when Bug shows up and rescues them. He is in a human body, confirming that the transfer was successful. Specs realises that his uniform is old, leading the rangers to believe that Bug is a survivor of a starship that crashed eighteen years ago. They praise him for surviving all that time. Bug tries to take them to Pincer, unaware of his true motives, but the rangers realise that they can use the pod that February came down in to return to the ship and go there instead. As the rangers leave, Bug expresses his excitement at being able to leave and "say no to status quo". Roach makes one last attempt to convince Bug that he belongs in the Hive, saying he'll miss him, but is unsuccessful. Joining the rangers in the pod, Bug reflects on how happy he is that he went against the flow because it allowed him to truly become one of the rangers (Status Quo).

Act 2[]

Back on the main starship, Junior is on a call with his father, Dr. Spaceclaw, the head of the Galactic League, and tells him that the mission to rescue February was successful, even though the other rangers were left behind. Mega-Girl explains that her objective said nothing about them returning to the ship safely, and Spaceclaw is unfazed by the loss of the rangers, which Junior is surprised by. However, he is proud when Spaceclaw praises him too. Junior reveals that the plan had always been to send February down alone and get her deliberately implanted with a bug egg so that on her rescue and return, they could study and genetically modify the bugs to make their own private army. Junior then asks about his mother, and Spaceclaw tells him that she died the day after he left for the mission. He then introduces Junior to his new partner, Junior's "new mother". Junior is unimpressed by his new mother and tells her to stay out of his room, and then to go away so he can talk to his dad again. Spaceclaw stresses that Junior must succeed in his mission, and then reveals that he found Junior's pot stash. Junior panics and exits the situation by pretending that the call is breaking up.

Junior orders Mega-Girl to scan February for signs of alien life to check that they succeeded in getting her implanted with a bug egg. The scan reveals no bug egg inside her, and a second scan confirms this. When Junior realises that a pod has docked onto the starship and the rangers must be back, he hits himself on Mega-Girl and orders her to take February away so that they won't suspect him.

The rangers enter and Junior pretends that Mega-Girl attacked him, which they believe, despite the fact that Junior had previously told them that the inhibitor chip prevents her from attacking them. Mega-Girl returns and they restrain her. The rangers prepare to leave, but Junior objects. Unable to reveal the real reason he can't leave yet, he lies and says that the ship's warp crystals are missing, so they're stuck there. Up looks at it in a positive light and orders the rangers to rest and "take a bubble bath". The rangers then introduce Bug, praising him, and Bug reunites with February who also praises him. Bug hurts Junior shaking his hand. Up asks Taz to watch a movie with him, but she turns him down to train, and February takes Bug off for a tour. The other rangers leave Tootsie alone with Mega-Girl.

Tootsie tries again to express his feelings to Mega-Girl but continues to misinterpret her. When she says that her creation and destruction are "inevitable, and of little consequence", Tootsie disagrees, saying that she is special and that he is glad of her company. He tries to convince Mega-Girl that she can love, despite being a robot. He is somewhat able get through to her. She admits that despite hating humans, she does feel something for Tootsie and it confuses her because it goes against all her logic. Simultaneously, on their tour of the ship, Bug and February both express how happy they are to have made it to the starship and found each other, but Bug also expresses his reservations because he isn't who she thinks he is (The Way I Do). He almost tells February that he isn't human but bows out at the last second.

Specs reports to Up and instructs her to sit on his lap. He bounces her up and down and she falls asleep. Krayonder takes her away to bed. Bug enters and asks Up for help. He asks for advice on what to do if someone likes you but everything they know about you is a lie. Up misinterprets the question as being about himself, rather than Bug, so Bug gets Up to sit on his lap and tries to comfort him instead. In a long, convoluted story, Up reveals that when he was injured in the robot war, he was sawed in half, and the entire right side of his body is now a robot. In tears, he also reveals that he quite literally lost his balls, but retained his human heart. He says that you have to be okay with death to be a good commander but he can no longer stand the thought of anyone dying because he cares too much. Bug comforts him by comparing his newfound care for all the rangers to the love of a mother spider, which becomes deadly when protecting her young. He convinces Up that his love may make him stronger because he has something to fight for - that he can now fight out of love for his team, rather than hatred of robots. Bug tells Up to find a way to kill with his heart and it uplifts him.

In return, Up asks Bug about what he wanted advice on. Bug asks whether to come clean about lying to February, and Up tells him that he needs to be himself and show her how good he really is. Advice shared, both of them express their gratitude to each other, and Bug resolves to take February down to the Hive and show her how wonderful the bugs really are.

Junior reveals that he was spying on the conversation and questions Bug's motives for taking February down to the planet. He decides to follow them down so he can kill Bug and successfully get February impregnated. He orders Mega-Girl to create a diversion but she refuses because her inhibitor chip prevents her from using her weapons to harm the humans and they would kill her if she tried to cause any kind of trouble. When Junior says he doesn't care, Mega-Girl calls him sick and says that Tootsie is a far better man, revealing that Tootsie is now her boyfriend in the process. Junior laughs at this revelation, and reminds her that she is "a soulless hunk of metal that can't love" and that Tootsie thinks she is human. She denies this, but Junior continues to insult her for being a "pathetic imitation of life" and Tootsie for not realising this. He compares her to a toaster, calling her another tool that human use. Mega-Girl vows to expose Junior, but he removes her inhibitor chip to erase her behavioral programs. She protests as he does this but is unable to stop him. After she reboots, he instructs her to kill all the rangers so that he can move forward with the plan without their interference, but Mega-Girl begins to choke him, since he is human. He is able to briefly power her down to get away. After rebooting, she runs off chanting "Kill. Kill. Kill."

Bug and February travel down to the planet's surface. February indicates her distaste at being back there, but agrees to trust Bug's reasons for returning. Roach convinces the other bugs to help Bug show February how amazing they really are. Bugette is reluctant to help beacuse of her feelings for Bug, but agrees to help despite how hurt she feels. Roach and Bug introduce February to vaious different members of the Hive and they all unite to show her the beauty of the bug world (Beauty). February, still disgusted by the bugs, vomits, which the bugs misinterpret as a display of affection. They leave, deeming this a success.

Bug remains hopeful that he showed February his world in a good light but she admits that she hated it because she still hates bugs. Bug worries that February won't like him any more if she finds out. Still unaware of his true identity, February thinks that the crashed staship is the place Bug wants to show her and also realises that it will have warp crystals in that they can use to replace the 'missing' warp crystals on their starship. As they leave to find the crashed starship, Junior follows. However, as he plots, he is attacked by Sweetheart, who sucks on his blood, causing him to collapse.

Bug and February arrive at the crashed starship. February, trying to pull up information on warp crystals, accidentally pulls up the captain's log that was shown in pieces in the opening video. In the log, the captain of the crashed ship reveals that they flew into a gamma radiation storm while escaping a meteor storm and the ship was compromised. This is followed by a second log, where the captain reveals that after the crash, they tried to scout the planet and one of their crew was impregnated by the bugs. He also says that he will send reports and a distress signal. A third captain's log reveals that the Galactic League instructed the team on the crashed ship to capture one of the alien bugs, which they attempted. It went wrong when they discovered "something else" out there and the rangers were terrified. A giant claw drags the captain away as he warns the Galactic League to stay away from the planet, and the shadow of a giant scorpion can be seen killing him.

February registers that this means the Galactic League had recieved prior transmissions from this planet, so they must have known about the bugs, yet they told her team that this was an unchartered planet. She realises that this means the Galactic League sent her on the mission to deliberately get her caught and impregnated, especially since it would fit with the strange questions Junior asked her in her interview about the size of her oesophagus and her gag reflex. Bug confirms that this would indeed make it easy to implant an egg in her. Excited to have stumbled upon this revelation, Bug and February rush back to the starship to warn the other rangers.

Meanwhile, Junior, held captive in a web, meets Pincer. Junior tries to talk Pincer out of eating his brain but Pincer reveals that he has tried human brain before so he knows that it is a "favourite delicacy" of his. Junior realises that Pincer is the monster from the distress calls from the old crashed starship, and in an attempt to save his own life, offers to take Pincer up to the starship, where there are hundreds of humans whose brains he could feast on instead. Pincer tells Junior that Bug is already helping him with that. This leads to Junior discovering that Bug is actually a bug in a human body. A shocked Junior reveals that Bug isn't bringing any humans back to Pincer. He offers to bring them instead, in return for his safety, the weapons that the original rangers gave Pincer, and information on the Overqueen and her eggs.

Back on the starship, February and Bug return and reveal the Galactic League's betrayal to the rest of the team. February tells the team that they were all picked for their flaws, and not their merits. They vow to show Junior how great they can be. Another pod docks with the starship and the rangers open the doors, thinking Junior has returned. Instead, Neato enters and attacks Krayonder who was standing closest, ready to capture Junior. As Neato feasts on Krayonder's blood, Veeto and Sweetheart arrive and join him, closely followed by Pincer, who takes February captive. Bug, realising that Pincer was the monster from the mission logs, tries to talk Pincer down but Pincer forces him to tell the other rangers that he's really a bug in a human body. They are shocked and disgusted, particularly February.

The starship is suddenly rocked by a huge crash and it is revealed that Mega-Girl has set the core to overload. Krayonder, weakened by blood loss, is badly injured as he tells the rangers to run while he distracts Pincer.

While running away, an upset February accuses Bug of thinking her "too stupid" to figure it out. Up comforts her while Bug tries to defed himself, saying that he never meant for anyone to get hurt. Up becomes uncertain so Taz takes charge, saying that neither Bug nor Up can be trusted. She sends the others off running and prepares to go back to fight the bugs to buy them more time. Up tries to hold her back, but she tells him that "an old friend" taught her to laugh in the face of danger and warns him and Bug to stay out of her way. Up follows her.

Tootsie and Specs, trying to sort the core overload, are confronted by Mega-Girl. Specs attempts to liase with her, but Mega-Girl throws her away, telling Tootsie that she has to kill all the humans. When Tootsie protests, Mega-Girl reminds him that she is a robot, a "hollow parody" of a human, and does not feel. Tootsie shouts that his name is no longer Tootsie Noodles: he has changed it to Tootsie Mega-Girl because "your second name is what you love" on Farm Planet and he loves her. Mega-Girl is uncertain but Tootsie's expression of his very real feelings for her convince her and allow her to access an new emotion - love. She expresses her love for him and they kiss. They go to help the other rangers while Specs stays to stabilise the reactor core.

Meanwhile, Taz is attacked by the Mosquito Brothers, and Up, fueled by his compassion, rips them away from her, telling them to suck his blood instead. They attack him for his blood, much to Taz's horror. He drops to the floor and Taz grieves, chastising his huge heart. However, he is still alive and he is able to raise his heart rate to force more blood on the mosquitoes than they can handle, killing them. He is particularly happy because he was literally able to "kill with his heart" even though Bug meant the advice figuratively. Taz hugs him and tells him that he's the true proof that you don't need balls to be tough, not her. She hops on his back and they run away together to save the others.

While escaping to safety, February is captured by Pincer, but Bug rescues her, stabbing Pincer. Pincer is forced out into the airlock, but Bug is dragged with him. He tells February to open up the outer airlock doors so that Pincer will be sucked out into space and die. February is hesitant because it will kill Bug too. She asks why he lied, and he explains his love for her and his lifelong desire to be a starship ranger. But he accepts that he is really a bug and selflessly chooses to live by their saying, "the needs of the many bugs outweigh the few bugs". Taz and Up arrive and Up tells him that he is an amazing starship ranger, even if he is a bug. Bug expresses his love once more for February. She opens the airlock doors and he is sucked away with Pincer.

Bug wakes up back on the planet, in his real body, and is greeted by a terrified Roach, who tells him that a human is attacking the hive. Bug realises it must be Junior, and promises to stop him and save the Overqueen.

Junior shows up, with his pot, shooting everywhere. He proclaims how much fun he is having being evil and killing the bugs (Kick It Up a Notch (Reprise)). As he finds the Overqueen, Bug turns up and tries to talk him out of killing the bugs and taking the Overqueen. He refuses, primarily because he wants to use the Overqueen to earn him money back on Earth so he can buy weed. He eventually shoots Bug, but Bugette leaps in front, taking the blast for him, saving his life at the expense of her own. In her final moments, she admits that she did it not because she is brave, but because she loves him, and she asks him to sing to her. He agrees but she dies before he can begin singing. Her sacrifice is not in vain - as Junior is about to kill Bug, Bugette's larvae emerge from her sack of dung and "devour the nearest mammal for nourishment". They eat Junior, killing him.

The Hive mourns Bugette's death and the Overqueen gives Bug a new job - the ambassador to the Hive to help keep the peace between the Hive and alien visitors. Before accepting the position, Bug leaves to find the starship rangers so he can apologise.

After landing on the planet's surface, the rangers, unaware of his survival, mourn Bug's death. As they pay their respects, Bug shows up. The rangers don't realise who he is at first, but are delighted to discover that he survived. February tells him she loves him and they kiss. Inspired by the love in the air, Tootsie proposes to Mega-Girl and Up officiates their marriage. They also kiss. Bug teaches February how to say "I love you" in the bug language. The bugs and the humans accept the differences and similarities between their species and learn to see the beauty in all of their lives (Beauty (Reprise))

This musical is underrated. That is a fact.

Starship 5.jpg


In Alphabetized Order (by last name)

Actor (*) Character
Julia Albain Specs
Jaime Lyn Beatty Neato Mosquito / New Mom
Brant Cox Roach
Denise Donovan February
Brian Holden Veeto Mosquito / Junior
Bob Joles Opening Narrator
Nick Lang Mister Bug / The Caller Bug / Pincer's Right Claw
Lauren Lopez Bugette Bugington / Taz / Pincer's Left Claw
Joe Moses Krayonder
Jim Povolo Sweetheart Mosquito / The Overqueen
Joey Richter Bug
Dylan Saunders Tootsie Noodles / Pincer / Bumbly
Meredith Stepien Mega-Girl
Joe Walker Commander Up

(*) Bold names denote the actor's onstage Starkid debut

The opening video sequence in Starship includes cameos from several other members of StarKid, including:


Song Sung by Duration
Act 1 I Wanna Be Bug, Roach, Ensemble 3:54
Get Back Up Taz, Commander Up, Krayonder, Specs, Tootsie Noodles 2:27
Life Bug 2:06
Hideous Creatures Starship Ranger Corp, Ensemble 2:04
Kick It Up a Notch Pincer, Bug, Neato Mosquito, Veeto Mosquito, Sweetheart Mosquito 6:57
Status Quo Bug 2:51
Act 2 The Way I Do Tootsie Noodles, Mega-Girl, Bug, February 3:55
Beauty Roach, Ensemble 3:16
Kick It Up a Notch (Reprise) Junior 0:51
Beauty (Reprise) Everyone 1:30


Production on Starship began before Darren Criss landed his role on Glee. The original concept for the show came from Joseph Walker, who suggested to Criss a musical parody of Starship Troopers. Criss then expanded the concept, referring to it as "The Little Mermaid meets Aliens". Darren Criss wrote all the music for Starship while he was in L.A. filming Glee. He was also originally supposed to play Tootsie Noodles in the show, however his role on Glee made it impossible to do so.

Joey Richter was in his last semester at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and had to commute to Chicago to rehearse and perform as Bug. Joey spent four days per week in Chicago during the production. StarKid made a deal with the school so he could take so much time away from class and still graduate on time, which he did on the day of the YouTube release.


Starship (Original Soundtrack).jpg

Main article: Starship (Original Soundtrack)

A cast recording of the production was released on April 30th, 2011 alongside the YouTube premiere of the musical through iTunes and All of the songs featured on stage are present on the recording. The album debuted at No. 134 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 for Top Cast Albums. The album also reached No. 4 on iTunes.

Critical reception[]

Full of "infectuous charm" - Time Out Chicago

"very funny" - Chicago Tribune

"big and bold" - LA Splash

Starship won the Best New Work award in the 2011 BroadwayWorld Chicago Awards.


  • Joe Walker's stepmother came to see Starship and said that she felt the script was "deeply misogynistic", particularly because of how February was treated, which Joe and the Lang Brothers felt was a fair criticism since they said Starship was a flawed show that they'd heavily revise if they had the chance

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