Starship (Original Soundtrack)
Starship (Original Soundtrack)
StarKid Company
Released April 30th, 2011
Length 28:21
Label StarKid Productions

"Starship (Original Soundtrack)" is an album containing all the songs from Starship. It was recorded by the cast and released on April 30th, 2011 through iTunes and .

Track listingEdit

1) I Wanna Be
2) Get Back Up
3) Life
4) Hideous Creatures
5) Kick It Up a Notch
6) Status Quo
7) The Way I Do
8) Kick It Up a Notch (Reprise)
9) Beauty


Darren Criss - Composer
Clara Wong - Music Director
Clark Baxtresser - Conductor/Keyboard
Max Evrard - Keyboard
Justin LaForte - Guitar
Jeff Himes - Guitar
Jake Saleh - Bass
Jack Stratton - Drums

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