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Starship Rangers emblem

Starship Ranger Corp
Starship Ranger Emblem

In Operation for

900 years


G.L.E.E., Bug


Dr. Space Claw, Junior, Robots, Pincer

The Starship Rangers are a sub-division of the organisation G.L.E.E. (Galactic League of Extraterestrial Exploration)

Some Ranger are known to have participated in the robot wars

Every ranger is equipped with a gun (or zapper), and (varying) military attire

The Rangers are said to be- “Brighter than a shooting star in an octuple solar eclipse, and they boldly go where no man woman or data dog has ever gone before”

Each Starship ranger is Assigned to a ship, and each ship is equipped with:

  • Veiw Screens
  • Cryogenic tubes
  • Drop Pods

Known Starship Rangers (In order of Appearance)

  • Unidentified Starship Rangers in Commercial
  • Unidentified Captain
  • K90-X
  • Science Officer February
  • Taz
  • Krayonder
  • Specs
  • Tootsie Mega-girl (formerly Noodles)
  • Commander Up
  • Mega-Girl
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