Taz is an officer in the Starship Ranger Corp of the G.L.E.E., the Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration, played by Lauren Lopez in the 2011 musical "Starship "

Taz knew and idolized Commander Up before she joined the Starship Ranger corp, due to the fact that he fought off attacking robots her Quinceañera. The fact that Taz had a Quinceañera, can speak Spanish, and has an accent is evidence of Latin American heritage. She also fought in the Robot Wars with Commander Up, where he saved her from robots.

In the Starkid "Chat of Doom" Joe Walker and Lauren reveal that Taz is actually fairly young, likely in her teenage years, probably in her late teens or twenties (since she's had her Quinceañera).


  • Knife throwing
  • Use of Weapondary
  • Being a Total Badass


Taz is described as little. She always wears a red bandanna, white tank top, and camo pants. She also has additional equipment that other Rangers don't seem to have, such as a knife and dog tags. She has a high, black mohawk with two strands (of Lauren's hair) hanging on either side.


Taz is overall the toughest ranger on the rescue team. She has some anger issues, punching and even stabbing people when they are not tough enough for her. She even ripped off Up's moustache because he was too soft. She often talks about her past in the robot wars, especially to Up.


Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 6.24.38 PM

Initial character design for taz

  • Starship Fandom has Taz's last name stated as Lopez, a reference to Starship actress Lauren Lopez who portrayed Taz.
  • Commander Up taught her calculus (because it was TOUGH).
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