Ran from October 11th to November 4th, 2018, at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles. The entire show was released for free on YouTube on December 23rd, 2018. The cast album was released on December 24th, 2018 on iTunes and Amazon Music.

Summary Edit

‘The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals’ is a new Horror Comedy show following Paul, an ordinary guy who doesn’t like musicals, and his friends/co-workers, as the world around them becomes a musical.


The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals has 8 cast members. Both Jon Matteson and Mariah Rose Faith make their debut appearance in a Starkid production.

Actor Character
Jon Matteson Paul Mathews
Robert Manion Professor Hidgens, Hot Chocolate Boy
Jaime Lyn Beatty Charlotte, Nora, Deb
Lauren Lopez Emma, Smoke Club Girl, The Hatchetfield Bee
Corey Dorris Bill, Stu
Joey Richter Ted, Smoke Club boy, Homeless guy
Mariah Rose Faith Alice, Zoey, Melissa, Greenpeace girl
Jeff Blim Sam, Mr. Davidson, General McNamara, Greg

Additional Crew Edit

Crew Member Job
Matt Dahan Music Direction
Ilana Elroi Sound Design, Engineering
Paul Gabriel Stage Manager
Nick Lang Producer, Director
Corey Lubowich Scenic Design, Producer
Sarah Petty Lighting Design
Amy Plouff Senic Charge
Brian Rosenthal Sound Design
June Saito Costume Design
Jade Svenson Wardrobe/Deck Hand
Hatchetfield High School Band
Matt Dahan Keyboard 1
Josh Fleury Bass
Sam Johnides Guitar, Keyboard 2
Ryan McDiarmid Drums

Songs Edit

Act 1 Song Sung By Duration
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Ensemble 4:05
La Dee Dah Dah Day Greenpeace Girl, Homeless Man, Ensemble 3:17
What Do You Want, Paul? Mr. Davidson 3:11
Cup of Roasted Coffee Nora, Zoey, Emma 1:38
Cup of Poisoned Coffee Nora, Zoey, Ensemble 0:33
Show Me Your Hands Sam, Ensemble 2:24
You Tied up My Heart Sam 3:35
Join Us (And Die) Charlotte, Sam 2:01
Act 2 Not Your Seed Alice, Ensemble 3:23
Show Stoppin Number Professor Hidgens, Ensemble 5:19
America Is Great Again General McNamara, Ensemble 2:11
Let Him Come Ensemble 0:38
Let It Out Paul, Ensemble 3:27
Inevitable Paul, Ensemble 2:57

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