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The Hatchetfield Ape-Man features in the first episode of Nightmare Time, and is the first story of the three-part livestreamed reading. It was performed on October 10, 2020 and released for free on YouTube.


Lucy Stockworth, an English Duchess who visits Hatchetfield every year in search of the mysterious 'Wooly-Foot', is about to give up the hunt when she meets a reclusive biology professor who's made a startling discovery...


The story opens with Donna Daggit making a report on the Hatchetfield Ape-Man for the Hatchetfield morning news show Morning Cup O' News. She mentions other cryptids suck as Willabella Muckwab, the muck witch and Lumber-Axe, the mad woodsman but primarily focuses on the Wooly Foot or the Hatchetfield Ape-Man. Donna interviews Duchess Lucy Stockworth who tells the story of how when she was younger she climbed a tree to look at some nighthawks however the branch snapped and she fell but before she hit the ground Lucy was caught by the Ape-Man. Donna then reports on how since the death of her father Lucy has used her estate to return to Hatchetfield every year and search for the Ape-Man in order to thank him.

Lucy is about to leave Hatchetfield to return to England when she is interrupted by Professor Hidgens. The man tells her that he believes he has found the Hatchetfield Ape-Man and would like her help identifying it. Lucy and Hidgens return to his manor where Lucy meets the Ape-Man. However, due to Hidgens supposedly having to shave him to treat his wounds the Ape-Man looks very much like a normal, naked man. Lucy introduces herself to the Ape-Man and he reveals his name to be Konk much to Hidgems' surprise. Hidgens convinces Lucy to stay with him to help teach Konk human ways until he is ready to join the human world, Lucy agrees.

A few week pass and Lucy and Konk form a firm relationship and Lucy slowly begins to fall in love with Konk. However, the peace is soon interrupted by the appearance of Lucy's fiancé Jonathan Brisby. Lucy attempts to introduce him to the Ape-Man but the man is not fooled and tells Lucy that she is being lied to and that the Ape-Man is merely a naked man. Annoyed by this, Lucy takes off her engagement ring and storms from the room, Jonathan then follows her. Hidgens appears offended by the notion that Konk is a fake however it is later revealed that the Ape-Man is really a man and is Ted. It is revealed that the two have been scheming to get Ted to marry Lucy in order to steal the Stockworth fortune.

Hidgens takes Jonathan hunting and reveals to the man that Konk is actually a fake. Jonathan tells Hidgens that he's going to expose him, however, Hidgens threatens to kill the man, chasing him through the woods until he eventually does.

Back at the manor, Lucy is desperately trying to get ahold of Jonathan but is unable to. Ted, once again disguised as Konk attempts to convince her to forget about Jonathan and stay with him. It is at this moment that Hidgens returns telling Lucy that Jonathan left for England and that the marriage is off. Lucy leaves to attempt to stop him. Once again alone, Hidgens reveals to Ted that he killed Jonathan and Ted is horrified. He attempts to back out of their plan as he's come to truly love Lucy but Hidgens refuses to let him.

That evening, Lucy finds a trail of roses leading to the greenhouse where she finds Konk dressed up in a suit. Ted proposes to Lucy but before she can reply they are interrupted by Hidgens who is entirely naked. Hidgens proposes to Lucy telling him that he is the real Ape-Man exposes Ted as a fake by going through his phone. Lucy is shocked and Hidgens demands that she marries one of the two men or else he'll kill her. Lucy tries to run but Hidgens shoots at her but the bullet is blocked by Ted jumping in front of it. Lucy pulls Ted out of the greenhouse and locks the door. However, she unable to save him and he dies in her arms.

Hidgens manages to escape from the greenhouse and chases Lucy through the woods. Lucy is able to almost get away from the man until she gets trapped in one of his bear traps. Hidgens catches up to her and begins to demand that she write him a check handing over her entire fortune of 30 million dollars to fund his musical Workin' Boys. He's about to pitch it to her when she tells him that she can't give him the money as she spent it all searching for the Ape-Man. Hidgens becomes angered by this and is about to shoot Lucy but she hits him with a nearby branch. She then uses the branch to open the bear trap and climb up a tree. Hidgens mocks the girl likening her to Becky Barnes. Lucy calls out for help and it comes in the form of the real Hatchetfield Ape-Man. The Ape-Man rips off Hidgens arms leaving him to die in the forest. The branch Lucy is sat snaps and she falls but is once again caught by the Ape-Man. He reveals his name to be Chumby and the two walk off into the forest.


Cast Member Character
Angela Giarratana Duchess Lucy Stockworth
Curt Mega Jonathan Brisby
Jeff Blim Chumby
Joey Richter Ted
Lauren Lopez Donna Daggit
Nick Lang Rupert
Robert Manion Professor Henry Hidgens

Additional Crew[]

Crew Member Job
Corey Lubowich Technical support
Matt Dahan Musical accompaniment
Nick Lang Narrator


Song Sung by
The Hatchetfield Ape-Man Jaime Lyn Beatty
Jeff Blim