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The Witch in the Web is the second story in the third episode of Nightmare Time. It is the sixth story of the three-part live streamed reading. It was performed live on October 24, 2020 and released on YouTube on February 14, 2021. It is the finale of Season One, and stars Kendall Nicole and Kim Whalen.


When Hannah Foster's dreams are haunted by an evil witch, and her friend, Webby, goes missing, she'll need the help of a mysterious woman with strange powers to escape her own nightmare time...


The story opens with Hannah playing a song that Webby, her so-called 'imaginary' friend, sang to her before she disappeared. However, Hannah is soon interrupted by her mother Pamela bursting into her room. Pamela yells at the girl for playing at 3 am and takes her ukulele away despite Hannah begging her not to saying that if she doesn't keep playing she'll forget the songs. Pamela leaves and Hannah is left to face the nightmares that plague her alone.

The next morning, Hannah is stood drowsily in the kitchen of the Foster's trailer while her mother watches the Hatchetfield Morning News as she has a crush on Dan Reynolds, one of the hosts. Pamela tells Hannah to bring her a beer before sending her outside to play with a can of her own. Hannah sits on the steps of the trailer and talks to the trees of the Witchwood Forest that border her home however she is interrupted by Duke Keane, her social worker. The man takes Hannah back inside and warns Pamela about Hannah having got into her beer. He tells the woman to give Hannah her ukulele back and she does. Upon getting the ukulele back, Hannah is concerned to see that it's black when her ukulele is white. She tells Duke that it's only black in her dreams, in what she calls Nightmare Time.

Duke calls up Miss Holloway and asks her for her help with Hannah and the two arrive at the Foster residence. Pamela refuses to let Miss Holloway inside but the woman seemingly hypnotises Hannah's mother and convinces her to let them in before telling her to go sleep on the couch. Miss Holloway then goes and visits Hannah, asking her about Nightmare Time. Hannah tells Miss Holloway that Nightmare Time started when Webby went away, much to Miss Holloway's surprise. Hannah then explains that Webby used to sing to her and that she must play the songs every night or else she'll forget Webby like the witch in the web wants her to. Outside the trailer, Duke and Miss Holloway discuss Hannah. Duke explains how Lex and Ethan were arrested for selling Pamela's painkillers about three months before. Despite Lex telling Duke that it was Pamela's idea to sell the pills, Lex denied it in court and was sentenced to five years in jail while Ethan got two. This causes Miss Holloway to theorise that that was when Webby disappeared.

Back in Hannah's room, Miss Holloway reveals to Hannah that she's a witch, a good one most of the time, and asks if she's ever seen the Black Book in her dreams. Hannah has and fears the book but Miss Holloway reassures her that she keeps the book safe. Miss Holloway then tells Hannah that the Lords in Black are Webby's brothers and that they have followers, one of whom is in Hannah's mind. She tells the girl that she has to go into Nightmare Time in order to get her out. Using the Black Book, Miss Holloway begins to cast a spell and the two go into Hannah's Nightmare Time.

Hannah and Miss Holloway venture through Hannah's Nightmare Time which is made up of a vast forest full of tree-people. The tree-people are people that had a touch of the gift but were planted by the Hatchetmen. Hannah and Miss Holloway move through the forest despite the tree-people calling out to her and telling her to stay out. As they get deeper into the forest the tree-people begin to get older as if from different decades. When they finally reach the witches hut the tree-people spring to violent life screaming at Hannah and scaring her, she begins to panic and loses her grip on Miss Holloway falling through the floor into an old courtroom.

Hannah finds herself trapped in the memory of the witch's death in 1824 and the witch's name is revealed to be Willabella Muckwab. She is charged with crimes of witchcraft as she wrote the Black Book and danced with demons. The Judge tells the crowd of how they're going to execute Willabella and plant a wood around where she died, the Witchwood, in order to trap Willabella's soul. Hannah is about to die when Miss Holloway grabs her and the two break through the confines of Hannah's mind.

Hannah finds herself in Miss Holloway's Nightmare Time, a crumbling abandoned version of the Starlight Theater. In the theater is a creature made up of the bodies of the three girls Miss Holloway was unable to save fused together. Miss Holloway begins to lead Hannah down the theater's aisle towards a door with a glowing neon exit sign as it is how she'll be able to return to her own mind. As they walk voices call out to Hannah and she tries to ignore them until the voice of Wiggly calls out to her. Hannah suddenly finds herself all alone on the stage, standing on a strange symbol with a skeleton pinned to it with a black blade. The skeleton suddenly begins to move and is slowly resurrected to reveal Wilbur Cross.

Hannah is confused as to how she knows the man but he tells her not to worry about it. He tells her that she has a lot of power in her mind and is about to stab her with the blade when Hannah finds herself out of harm's way holding Miss Holloway's hand. Holloway tells Wilbur that he can't hurt Hannah because she's dead and that she killed him. Wilbur reveals to Miss Holloway that he only killed her half the time and that the other half he killed her as there are multiple timelines. He then tells Miss Holloway that Hannah has the ability to see every timeline and that she has the most powerful psychic mind in the history of reality. He then manages to possess Pamela in the real world and she knocks out Duke who stands guard outside Hannah's room letting her into where the two psychics are sleeping. Miss Holloway points Hannah towards the door and then she and Wilbur begin to fight. However, Wilbur manages to choke Miss Holloway in the waking world using Pamela and as causes Miss Holloway to be unable to fight. Hannah seeing this from the doorway sends out a mental shockwave removing Wilbur from Miss Holloway and causing Miss Holloway to be ejected from her own nightmare. She and Duke then sit and wait for Hannah to awaken.

Hannah wakes up to find herself in her room which is cleaner and brighter than it's ever been but the room is empty with Duke, Miss Holloway and Pamela nowhere to be found. Lex then pokes her head around the door and smiles at Hannah. She tells her that they let her go and that they took their mom instead and now they can stay together forever. Lex then opens her backpack to reveal toys and games for Hannah as well as a puppy. However, Hannah is confused and asks Lex if she gave her something else that she could play to help remember a friend. This irritates Lex who then pulls out 'new friends' for Hannah. They are five dolls each in the image of the Lords in Black. Hannah is scared of the dolls and knows that they're bad. Lex tries to convince Hannah to stay with her in the trailer forever however Hannah realises that it isn't really her sister but is instead Willabella Muckwab, the Witch in the Web.

The walls of the trailer fall away and Hannah finds herself trapped inside the witches hut, the witch reveals that Hannah is her descendant and then attempts to kill her but Hannah manages to get out of her way and grabs her ukulele that is sitting on the huts mantelpiece. Hannah realises that the ukulele symbolises her love for her sister and her connection to Webby who she can almost remember. The ukulele is her power. Hannah radiates psychic energy and uses the uke to break down the walls of the witches hut.

With the witches stronghold in Hannah's mind gone her connection to Webby is restored. The white-haired woman tells Hannah to close her eyes and destroys Willabella's soul so that she can torment people no more. She then tells Hannah to wake up. Hannah awakes to Miss Holloway and Duke standing over her and she happily tells them that she found Webby and ended Nightmare Time.

After Duke lays an unconscious Pamela on the sofa, Miss Holloway proposes to Hannah that she might be able to get Lex and Ethan by making Pamela go to jail in their place. She also gives Hannah a magic hat to protect her and remind her of the warrior she's become. Miss Holloway then gets into her car and Hannah and Duke wave as she drives away through the Witchwood.


Cast Member Character(s)
Kendall Nicole Hannah Foster
Jaime Lyn Beatty Pamela Foster
3-Girl Creature
Joey Richter Wilbur Cross
Dan Reynolds
Lauren Lopez Donna Daggit
3-Girl Creature
Voice 2
Curt Mega Douglas "Duke" Keane
Mariah Rose Faith Casillas (Credited as Mariah Rose Faith) Webby
Aerobics coach
Villager 3
3-Girl Creature
Kim Whalen Miss Holloway
Jon Matteson Wiggly
Tree-person 1
Villager 1
Angela Giarratana Willabella Muckwab
Robert Manion News Announcer
Voice 3
Corey Dorris Tree-Person 2
Villager 2
Voice 1
James Tolbert Tree-Person 3
Jeff Blim Voice 4

Additional Crew[]

Crew Member Job
Corey Lubowich Technical Support
Matt Dahan Musical Accompaniment
Nick Lang Narrator


Song Sung by
The Witch In The Web Kendall Nicole
The Web I Spin Mariah Rose Faith Casillas


  • At the end, Miss Holloway gives Hannah a hat imbued with the power of Grayskull. Ethan Green also gives Hannah a hat very similar to this, likely the same hat.