A picture I drew last year when I was bored in math class.... StoMo_Brian Rosenthal People...

Cassandra Stormy Sherwood was born on April 7th, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada (The stupid state of the US of A). She is Canadian and Mexican, with an IQ of 127. She is (at the moment) only 4'11 3/4! She is currently in 8th grade, and HATING it.

At the age of thirteen months she learned how to use the potty. Its a wonder why she didn't fall into that monstrosity when she was so small then. At the age of... I don't know... 1 or... 1 3/4.... She learned how to walk. Then... she learned how to ride a bike (without training wheels) at age 6 or something. I don't pay attention to my life WAY back when okay? -_-

Her real father is in jail (in Mexico), and was deported out of the country. She now lives with a Step-dad, her mom, three brothers, and two sisters. She has never met her family in Canada before. She has two dogs, in which she doesn't know the kind of, and had a whopping of 34 pets. (Not spoiled, trust me, we found most of them hurt or ingured on the streets WITHOUT a collar. No one ever came to get them when we stuck up FOUND signs all over, so we kept them... what more can I say?)

In the year of 2001, she saw her first Harry Potter movie, and instantly noticed the differences between the Weasley/Phelp twins. Since then, she had literally grew up with the Harry Potter movies (even though she was really young.)

In the year of 2010, she discovered none other than STARKIDPOTTER. The best damn thing to hit the internet since FUNNY INTERNET VIDEOS! She then realized that her life would never be the same. And it hasn't! Since then she has made a lot of friends (on and offline) who share the exact same interests as her.

Stormy hopes to one day go to the University of Michigan with her friends Tayah Fuhrman, Julia Norris, Addie Longbottom, Charlotte M., Teagzy (Last name unknown for now), and lots more. She, and all of those listed above (plus more) have all been friends for quite a while, and are... awesome. She also dreams of one day becoming some sort of writer, journalist, or photographer. Acting (theater) may also be apart of the dream.

Also in the year of 2010, while Stormy was in 7th grade, she drew a picture about a dinosaur attacking a town, and thunder storms, and people dying. OH and she fell in love with Brian Rosenthal! <3

In 2011, she cried at the end of the 10 year long movie franchise ending... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PArt Two. She got the movie right when it came out, and ate redvines while cheering Neville on to go find Luna and tell her that he loved her, and then cried for days about her life being over now that her childhood was forever gone. But she realized, with the help of her friends, that it will never be over, and that HP will forever be in her heart.

She has a Pottermore account and is in Gryffindor. (WillowSeeker25)

In the late months of 2011 (November/December) she realized that she also really enjoyed the show Criminal Minds, and most importantly, Spencer Reid/Matthew Gray Gubler. She found out that Matthew Voiced Simon in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. She also found out that on her top 10 list of things she wants to do when she gets older, she wants to be a Profilier as well, and help catch those stupid bad guys who murder people!

Im tired, so I'll write more about me tomorrow. Peace off computer! DONT STALK ME!

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