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VHS Christmas Carol Live! is an immersive concert experience and interactive show from Team Starkid. It played at the Bourbon Room from December 9th to 11th, 2021 with a livestreamed version playing from December 17th-19th, 2021 on Looped.


Join StarKid at the Bourbon Room this holiday season for a synth-elating return to live theatre with VHS Christmas Carol: Live! Jam out to the rocking 80’s score in an immersive concert experience and interactive show hosted by the party man himself, Fezziwig! It’s sure to be the best holiday party of the past, present, AND future!


Actors Characters
Dylan Saunders Scrooge
Corey Dorris Fred
Joey Richter Bob Cratchit / Fred's Party Guest
Meredith Stepien Jacob Marley / Jane Cratchit / Fred's Party Guest / Villager
Jaime Lyn Beatty Ghost of Christmas Past / Crystal Cratchit / Fred's Party Guest / Villager
Brian Rosenthal Young Scrooge / Peter Cratchit / Business Man Two / Scavanger Two / Fred's Party Guest / Villager
A.J. Holmes Fezziwig / Donation Man One / Party Guest / Business Man One / Svanager One / Spouse One / Bob Cratchit Jr.
James Tolbert Ghost of Christmas Present / Fezziwig Employee / Villager
Lauren Lopez Emily Cratchit / Scrooge's Sister / Donation Man Two / Goth Party Girl
Jamie Burns Ghost of Christmas Future / Belinda Cratchit / Fezziwig Employee / Fred's Party Guest / Villager
Brian Holden Tiny Tim / Business Man Three / Scavanger Three / Spouse Two / Party Boy / Fezziwig Employee / Villager
Janaya Mahealani Jones Belle / Martha Cratchit / Fred's Party Guest / Villager
Kim Whalen Understudies
Curt Mega
Clark Baxtresser The Narrator
Ali Gordon Turkey Boy (Pre-recorded)

Creative Team[]

Position Name
Composer Clark Baxtresser
Director Corey Lubowich
Producer Corey Lubowich
Brian Holden
Associate Producer Jaime Lyn Beatty
Dylan Saunders
Assistant Director James Tolbert
Music Production Tomek Miernowski
Costume Design June Saito
Lighting Design Sarah Petty
Sound Engineer Ilana Elroi
Keyboard 1 Clark Baxtresser
Keyboard 2 Nick Gage
Guitar Tomek Miernowski


  • One night, Meredith almost missed one of her entrances because she tried to open the stage door by pulling it and when she finally managed to open it, she opened it so far that Lauren, who was standing behind her, was visible to the audience
  • James’s glasses did not work the first night so he had to go to the store that already supplied LEDs for the The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals set, Flashing Blinky Lights, to buy two
  • Brian had his mic break during the opening song and Joey had to fix it with a band aid