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Watcher World features in the first episode of Nightmare Time, and is the second story of the three-part livestreamed reading. It was performed on October 10, 2020 and released for free on YouTube.


"Bill and Alice Woodward head for a day of daddy-daughter bonding at Watcher World, an aging amusement park on the edge of Hatchetfield. But there's more to this frightening funfair than meets the eye..." 1


The story opens with Bill and Alice Woodward in the car heading towards Watcher World, a theme park on  Hatchetfield Island. As they drive, Alice scrolls through Instagram and complains to her dad about how her girlfriend Deb is having a party and how she's unable to go as she's going to Watcher World. The two arrive at Watcher World and go to the ticket booth. Bill asks for an adult and child ticket much to Alice's protest. However, the Ticket-Taker gives them the child's ticket anyway and the two enter the park.

Alice is left alone while Bill goes and collects some flash passes for the rides. While alone she bumps into a Blinky mascot who tells her to pick up the gum wrapper she dropped on the ground. As she bends down to pick it up the mascot makes a comment about enjoying the view which creeps Alice out. She then walks away from Blinky.

After going on some rides, Bill and Alice take a selfie at Drowsy Town station much to Alice's annoyance. Bill attempts to post the selfie to Instagram to which Alice tells him not to tag her in it, much to Bill's confusion. After finally finding Alice's profile, Bill discovers it's on private which Alice tells him is so he can't see it.

The two then go to watch Blinky's Watch Party despite Alice's protests. After a disastrous end to the show in which the Snigglette actress was hit with a mallet, Bill and Alice get some food and sit eating it while Alice once again scrolls through Instagram. During her scrolling, Alice discovers that Ziggy is going to Deb's party which scares her as she thinks Deb and Ziggs are going to hook up.

Bill and Alice then get in the queue for the Tear-Jerker rollercoaster. While in line, Alice witnesses a teen girl Alison's boyfriend cheating on her with her friend Beth, which reflects Alice's own inner turmoil with Deb. She then skips to the front of the line with Bill following her and the two get onto the rollercoaster. As the coaster gets higher and higher Alice gets increasingly more nervous as she's afraid of heights. When they get to the top of the rollercoasters largest hill the car stops trapping them at the top. Bill manages to coax Alice off the coaster and down the ramp at the side by encouraging her to talk about the play she wrote which won her a scholarship to do a playwriting degree. However, in the rescue attempt, Bill drops Alice's phone, losing it.

Once they're safely back on the ground Alice becomes angry at Bill for losing her phone as it was her one way of relieving her anxiety about Deb and storms off. While Alice is gone, Bill attempts to win her a Blinky doll on a strong man carnival game. However, he repeatedly fails. After spending an extortionate amount of money on the game Bill manages to win but only when he hallucinates seeing Alice's head on the end of the lever and hits her, much to Bill's horror. The barker gives Bill the doll and suggests to him that he needs to make sure Alice doesn't leave him and so he arms Bill with the mallet.

Meanwhile, Alice is approached by a fortune teller named Madame Iris who convinces the girl to come with her by revealing she has Alice's phone. As Alice scrolls through Instagram, she sees pictures of Deb and Ziggs almost kissing much to her distress. Madame Iris suggests to the girl that she could save her relationship if she leaves now and gives Alice a shotgun to get the car keys off Bill.

Bill and Alice meet each other on the Watcher World Mainstreet, both under Blinky's spell. It is revealed that they are the parade and that all of Watcher World is for Blinky's amusement not that of its guests. Alice and Bill begin to fight each other and eventually end up in the hall of mirrors. Bill manages to disarm Alice and is about to hit her legs with the mallet when he sees himself in the mirror and notices his daughter having a panic attack. Despite the encouragement of the other Watcher World guests Bill stops his attack on Alice and comforts her. The two are then almost attacked by the Blinky mascot but Alice shoots it right in its eye. The two are then carried out of the amusement park by a wave of purple goo that leaks from Blinky's eye which deposits them in the car park. Bill and Alice drive home but before Alice rolls over to sleep in the car she starts following Bill on Instagram much to his joy.


Cast Member Character
Angela Giarratana Snigglette
Corey Dorris Bill Woodward
Curt Mega Curt's Sniggle
James Tolbert Blinky
Watcher World Barker
Jeff Blim Papa Sniggle
Man In A Hurry
Watcher World Cowboy
Joey Richter Uncle Wiley
Cineplex Teen
Jon Matteson Watcher World Ticket-Taker
Watcher World Usher
Lauren Lopez Sniggly
Watcher World Mother
Madame Iris
Mariah Rose Faith Alice Woodward

Additional Crew[]

Crew Member Job
Corey Lubowich Technical support
Matt Dahan Musical accompaniment
Nick Lang Narrator


Song Sung by
The Blinky Song James Tolbert, Curt Mega, and Jeff Blim
Snoozle Town Angela Giarratana
With a Thousand Eyes Jeff Blim


  • As Alice is 18 and going on to college, Watcher World takes place in the summer of 2019.
  • This introduces us to one of the Lords in Black, Blinky (Bliklotep)