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Yellow Jacket features in the fourth episode of Nightmare Time 2, and is the sixth story of the second season of the live-stream reading. It was performed on November 13, 2021 and is available via livestream ticket.


When Hannah Foster has an accident in shop class, she racks up a massive medical bill that her sister/primary care-giver, Lex, has no way to pay. But Hannah’s not like other fifteen-year-olds. She has a gift. A power. An immense psychic ability she can’t control or understand. Desperate for cash, Hannah decides to use her “gift” in a deadly competition that’ll pit her against other psychic kids for a chance to win big. But there are nefarious forces behind these “games.” Does Hannah have the sting it takes to survive? Can she become… the Yellow Jacket?


Cast Member Character(s)
Lauren Lopez Hannah Foster
Test Facilitator
Angela Giarratana Lex Foster
Joey Richter Ethan Green
Brad Callaghan
Bryce Charles Sophia
Jon Matteson Daniel
Curt Mega Eddie Chiplucky
James Tolbert Charles
Kid 3
Corey Dorris Frank Pricely
Crowd 2
Jaime Lyn Beatty Sherman Young
Test Taker
Kid 1
Crowd 1
Dylan Saunders Tom Houston
Jeff Blim Announcer
Nick Lang Pokey/Otho
Mariah Rose Faith Webby
Stephanie Lauter
Jae Hughes Hank
Kid 2

Creative Team[]

Crew Member Job
Nick Lang Writer


Matt Lang Writer
Jeff Blim Composer
Matt Dahan Musical Director
Paul Gabriel Production Manager
Corey Lubowich Producer
Brian Holden Producer


  • The synopsis for the episode was released on November 10 2021
  • The cast list was uploaded on November 11 2021
  • Since Kendall, who originated the role of Hannah, is occupied with school, Lauren Lopez will reprise her role